About the project

A huge number of training materials on International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (ColRegs) are currently available to teach/learn the theory of the rules. Yet, the constant high number of maritime accidents proves that there is a significant difference between what is taught at colleges and academies and what is actually implemented at sea at real situations by officers on watch.

Today’s technologies have changed the way in which ships operate, and there is a need to ensure the best use is made of them. For instance, by the introduction of enhanced integrated navigation systems and equipment such as ARPA and ECDIS etc., the decision-making process in terms of taking action to avoid collision is better supported now. However, the curricula of Maritime Education and Training Centres very often do not make the necessary connection between up-to-date navigation technologies and the tuition of the ColRegs. It is left to the officer, to combine these two competences once they start their practical work on a ship and thereby often making wrong use of the decision support systems and thereby interpret collision situations the wrong way. At worst the young officers expect too much simplification by the modern technical means.

The NEO-COL project will close this skills gap by identifying the differences between theory and real application and developing the best and most realistic way of incorporating modern electronic navigation devices into the teaching of Collision Regulations.

NEO-COL conducted a needs analysis and the investigation of past collisions in order to:

  • Develop an online Training Course for the best action possible and most realistic way of incorporating modern electronic navigation devices into the teaching of Collision Regulations customised for all type of vessels considering the navigation equipment and tools available, and
  • Design an Assessment Tool that provides the user with a genuine certificate for the newly acquired skills.

The training offered by the NEO-COL online Training Course will have a direct impact on mariners by giving specific knowledge to the user of how to apply the ColRegs in specific scenarios given the specific equipment on board. After the module and assessment provided by this project the mariners will have gained better skills and knowledge to correctly interpret a situation of potential collision by carrying out the corrective action.

By this NEO-COL will contribute to the ease of maritime traffic, safety of lives at sea, and the environmental protection of the seas.

The project consortium is made up by private companies, public bodies and VET institutions from Turkey, Romania, Spain, Poland and Germany, who all have an extensive experience within the maritime sector.